Leaving California

It seems the sun is setting on my time in California after a successful but short-lived career in Hollywood. After I wrapped up my responsibilities with the film earlier this fall, I was… Continue reading

After Ten Months on the Ground

Getting back in the airplane after ten months on the ground is a very humbling experience. Before traveling back home, I found myself “flying” my hot wheels sized 737 in “patterns” around my… Continue reading

First Trip to the Northwest

Mount Rainier AugustĀ 31st, 2014   Today was my first day in the Pacific Northwest. Less than twenty-four hours after leaving Southern California, I found myself walking up the side of Mount Rainier–in Chacos.… Continue reading

Chasing the Horizon

I’ve been watching the sunset for the past two hours–first the golden thunderheads over West Tennessee and now the glistening, snow-capped peaks of New Mexico. It’s always surreal flying–experiencing the same day in… Continue reading

Progress in LA

3/30/14 When you tell someone from anywhere in California other than LA that you’re moving to Los Angeles, the usual response is: “Why would you do that?” In fact, my flight instructor who… Continue reading

Dr. Sawyer

I remember the first day in Dr. Sawyer’s AP English III–the room quietly buzzing with all of us juniors eagerly, and anxiously, wondering what it would be like to have a “proper” English… Continue reading

Checkride + 2014

  Today was quite the day. After a 2.5 hour oral exam over all things aviation and a 1.5 hour flight, one of my childhood dreams came to pass–becoming a pilot. The whole… Continue reading

Head in the Clouds

Over the weekend, Faith and I took off to the mountains at the tip of East Tennessee. It was more of a dash, really. Faith had never been to the top of a… Continue reading

Florida: Super Moon, Aerobatics, & Inland Springs

I recently took a trip to Florida to do some filming for a promotional I’m working on. I took my little brother, Jackson, along with me in hopes of getting him out of… Continue reading

Art’s Place In Our Culture

It bothers me when people talk about “creative people.” Growing up in the South, I’ve encountered this quite regularly. To me, it’s odd to think that some people regard creativity as an elusive… Continue reading